Poonam B. Wadhwani DDS


As a patient, it’s important to realize that there are different approaches to dentistry. One can either view the mouth as a collection of individual teeth, or as an "organ" to be treated and cared for, as a whole.

Dr. Poonam B. Wadhwani practices the latter. She understands that an integrated approach significantly improves the long-term health of your mouth. She emphasizes that one should not view dental wellness as disconnected from total body wellness.

In order to best support her patients, Dr. Wadhwani actively stays current on the most recent developments in dentistry. She is a graduate of the Kois Center; a top teaching institute in Seattle that attracts dentists from all over the world. The Kois Center provides dentists with predictable, evidence-based dental systems that enable them to deliver the highest level of patient care.

Dr. Wadhwani believes that good dentistry doesn't have to be impersonal. She provides professional service in an environment that is warm and inviting. At Serene Dental, visits focus on prevention and risk management to maintain health.

If you are looking for a clinician:

  • who believes in putting your best interests ahead of her own agenda …
  • who will thoughtfully offer an array of sound options for your consideration …
  • who will respect your choice for whatever reason you make that choice …
  • who has thoughtfully and intentionally assembled a support team that will ensure your visits are comfortable and smooth …

Then Dr. Poonam B. Wadhwani at Serene Dental is the clinician for you.

Call today and experience SERENE DENTAL!

Keegan Keller ~ Lead Receptionist

Keegan is the super hero of our office. He runs the business end of Serene Dental. He is the kind, calming voice you hear most often when you call. In his spare time, when he is not wearing his cape to keep us running smoothly, you may find him on his bike on a rugged trail or mesmerized by his albino python. Keegan is a people person and loves getting too know you. He strives to make everyone he meets smile, because a SMILE can change your entire day.

Denise Rodriguezs ~ Lead Dental Assistant

Denise is a certified Dental Assistant who graduated from Everest College in 2013. She has been working in the dental field since she graduated from high school and has lots of experience with patient care. She worked with Dr. Wadhwani in the past and is very excited to be back! She is very passionate about her work as a dental assistant, always happy, always smiling and proud to be working with an AMAZING team! In her free time, she loves spending time with her 4 children, working out to stay fit and healthy, biking or exploring something new every weekend. Denise is in the process of moving forward in dental field as a dental hygienist. We hope to see her grow with us in years to come.

Jaqueline Centeno ~ Dental Assistant

Jaqueline has been training under the careful guidance of Dr. Wadhwani as a dental assistant. She plans to develop a career in dentistry as a dental hygienist. She enjoys interacting with people and often times you may see her helping Keegan at the front desk or hear her kind voice on the phone. In her free time, Jackie loves to dance and spend time with her family. We hope you see her bright smile at Serene Dental for years to come.

Divya Mittal ~ Dental Assistant/Receptionist (Part-time)

At Serene Dental, Divya has the important role of assisting both Keegan at the front desk and Yulissa and Jackie chairside. Her position is crucial to maintain serenity in our office, particularly on Saturdays and our busy evenings. Divya is with us on a part-time basis as she continues her college education to pursue a future in medicine. In her free time, Divya enjoys going to the gym and hanging out with her friends. You will always see Divya energetic and eager to help all patients in any way she can. Divya has the very important task of helping us train the next person who will help maintain the same level of serenity as Divya moves on in her future.

Lanique ~ Dental Assistant/Receptionist (Part-time)

Lanique is our high school student, who works at Serene Dental during our busy evenings and weekends. She holds the important responsibility of assisting all of the staff in the office to ensure that each patient experience is as serene as can be. When Lanique has time off of school and work, she enjoys writing short stories, playwriting, and spending time with her loved ones. She is eager to learn more about patient care and the borderline ins and outs of medicine and dentistry, to help her gain experience as she continues her education with hopes of pursuing a career in the medical field. Lanique is very passionate and observant while she works; keeping every area within the office organized. Her yearn to assist us is greatly appreciated and we hope to see her continue to grow with us and achieve her dreams.


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